i-JET2800 DF

Affordable, flexible and durable aqueous pigment print technology.

Inkjet Solutions i-JET2800 aqueous pigmented print engines deliver affordability, flexibility and durability for a wide range of markets and applications. Longer printhead life, superior print resolution at faster speeds and enhanced durability through aqueous pigmented inks differentiate these digital print engines from the competition.

Fast Track Integration

Integrators can fast track their adoption of digital inkjet technology by powering their solutions with a print engine from Inkjet Solutions. The modular design allows for rapid integration with shorter development times and reduced engineering costs.

Affordable Versatility

This versatile print technology allows end-users to improve the quality of their digital print production whilst reducing the costs typically incurred with water-based digital printing. The aqueous pigment technology not only works on a greater number of substrates but also has lower printing costs to meet a wider range of market and application needs.

The i-JET2800 series is available for retrofitting onto existing machinery or can be integrated with new machinery from an OEM of your choice.

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i-JET2800 Duraflex colordyne DF