i-JET600 Secure

The enhanced data security features of this unit prevents data from being reprinted without manager dongle (protected by AES & RSA algorithms) approval. Data integrity checks by camera are possible. Data can also be encrypted and hidden from view of operator level dongles.

Built around the market leading i-JET600 Label model, with available print widths for monochrome up to 600mm, CMYK upon request.

Utilising our secure data platform, manager dongles can seamlessly create new jobs, bespoke data files and link to print layout file. Print jobs and data files may not be resubmitted unless authorised by a manager dongle. Created / imported data files are marked complete and will not be reimported into the software, ensuring data duplicates are not possible. Live data is not accessible and is fully protected.

Once production has started the job data is automatically sent to the i-JET600 Secure print system and automatically updates the camera job layout. When printing commences the camera records data printed and grades the 1D / 2D codes and creates a printed data file which can be interrogated and reported during the quality control process once production is completed. Any codes that do not meet the expected grade or are lost due to manufacturing errors can simply be added to the reprint file, these files are fully logged and reported, with a final production report in a secure pdf format.

Additional user access levels available on request.

The i-JET600 Secure is available for retrofitting onto existing machinery or can be integrated with new machinery from an OEM of your choice.

For more details on the i-JET600 Secure please Contact Us.

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